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Shawn Lane
3/21/1963 - 9/26/2003
The youngest guitar player to play for BOA at the ripe old age of 15.
Shawn Lane or here or here or here - guitar
passed away 9/26/2003 at the age of 40.
This page is dedicated to those
Black Oak Arkansas players, fans, and associates
who have departed this earth.
Unfortunately, this will forever be a work in progress.
Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak - Ruby Starr
11/30/49 -1/13/1995
Ruby sang with BOA on numerous occasions and hers is the female voice you
hear on "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" and "Fistful of Love".
She also had her own band - Grey Ghost
Ruby Starr or here or here or here - vocals - Grey Ghost
Colleen Franklin - Red Pearl
Passed away - 2003

I only knew Colleen through the BOA board. I met her when I first joined the board
in mid 2002. She had been a long time poster on various BOA boards. I only had the
chance to correspond with her a few months before she was no longer posting. She
was known as "Red Pearl" among the BOA fans.
Dr. John Hudy - DJ
Passed away - March 2004
I knew DJ from the time I got on the BOA board in 2002. We had some lively
conversations via the board and email. When we talked about playing music, DJ got
me interested in trying to play the bass guitar again, since he was a bass player. I had
tried to learn years ago but gave it up. He told me where to find the good deals on
bass guitars and I ended up buying one.
BOA Players
BOA Associates
Tom Dowd
10/20/1925 - 10/27/2002
Tom was a long time producer of many recording artists' albums including BOA.
Here is another site or here or here
Jerry Cohen
Passed away - 2004
Longtime friend, manager and attorney of BOA
Jeremy "Cuz" Jaco
Passed away - August 29,  2004
Cuz was the road manager for Drivin' Rain and a whole lot of fun.
He was just one of the nicest and funniest guys you would ever want to meet.
Cuz and Jim Dandy - 6/29/2004
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Michael "Knarley Dude" "Mojo" Martin
xxxx - 06/05/2005
Mike died in 2005 in a motorcycle accident - lead guitar - 1986
Heard on "The Black Attack Is Back"
Here's a tribute to Mike - click here