Black Oak Arkansas
Drivin' Rain
Static Lounge
Topeka KS.
September 16, 2006
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Before the show
Mutant, Top Down, and Mutant's woman
(I can't remember her name.  I met sooo
many people.)
Me before the show
The show begins with Drivin' Rain
Eddie and Teresa up front. Owl in back.
Warlok plays
The blonde is Annie of  "Babe and the Shakers"
BOA time
Mutant standing by the stage, watching the Wiz
Drivin' Rain's Skully from the side, sitting at our table
Skully and Mutant again
Rickie Lee - The Wiz
Jimmm Dannndyyyy
Hal and Old Yeller
Johnny drumming away
Annie, Mutant, and Topper up front
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