Pics from the
Bikers 4 Kids Rally
Crane MO.
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Linda and I (Sarge)waiting for Drivin' Rain
to start playing.
The entrance.
Looking toward the stage.
Looking away from the stage.
Rita, Les, and Jackie at their campsite.
Kids mud wrestling.
Timexx doing whatever.
Timexx & Drivin' Rain gettin' down.
Drivin' Rain is:
Timexx "Nasty" Rainwalker - frontman & vocals
Tommy "COA" DeWolf - guitar & vocals
G.P. "Geep" Clark - drummer & vocals
C.D. "Scully" Shemwell - bass & vocals.
Drivin' Rain's womenfolk - Mia, Audrey, and Tina
Slydman weaves his way through the crowd with his precious cargo.
BOA waits to setup.
Audrey is on the far left.
in the middle talking to somebody.
Wiz in front of the trailer.
Uncle Lijah, Les, Jackie, and Rosellepark.
The rest below are all BOA.
Above - This
would be the back
of a Mutant head.
Black Oak Arkansas
for this performance was:
Jim Dandy Mangrum - vocals
Rickie Lee Reynolds - guitar
Johnnie Bolin - drums
Terry Powers - guitar
George Hughen - bass
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Tommy (Rosellepark) sent me this
one of
Uncle Lijah and I.
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