My Pics from the
Dogwood Rally
Dunmor,  Kentucky
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Black Oak Arkansas
for this performance was:
Jim Dandy Mangrum
Rickie Lee Reynolds
Johnnie Bolin
Hal McCormack
Larry Pearson
The set list
#13 - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man wasn't played
5th Annual Dogwood Spring Rally
BOA played - April 30, 2004
Dogwood Lakes
7777 State Route 973
Dunmor Kentucky 42339
Also played -
Totem Soul, Davis Daniel & Double
Dealin', Winter Brothers Band, and
Marshall Tucker Band
The front and back of the program
Everly's Lake Malone Inn
Our room was on the third floor.
Three flights of stairs...
Up and down and up and down
and up and down...
L To R - Logan, Kevin's wife Rhonda, Uncle Larry, Kevin
The BOAkin had the munchies after the long drives we all
had. Everly's restaurant.
Camera in hand, I took a few shots from the balcony.
Left pic -
Rita Center pic - Lbogie (Laurie), Chris, Johnnie Right pic - Jackie
Then, it was down to the courtyard where the BOAkin got to know each other
Uncle Larry and Logan
Brenda and Lbogie
Logan and Kevin
Logan and I
LBogie's boots and Jackie
The neat waterfall on the road to the concert site.
Davis Daniel & Double Dealin' Band
who played before BOA. Real good Southern rock.
Then it was BOA time
The crowd gathered.
And BOA took the stage.
And they played and sang.
I went around to the side of the stage and got a couple of pics.
While they played, the BOAkin manned the shirt table.
Kevin, Rhonda, and Jackie
Rhonda, me, and Kevin
And our BOAkin Phil showed up at the table.
Jackie, Logan, and Tammy at the table.
And the band played on.
The security guy got a little worried when I took
a pic of the audience.
After the show it was autograph time.
Jim, Johnnie, Rickie Lee and Hal at the table.
A BOA fan since '75 had a present for Jim.
It was a bottle of Johnny Walker.
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Dunmor pics - page 2
Dunmor pics - page 2 - For pics that others took, click here.
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