Pics from the
Laidback Saloon
Hanging Rock,  Ohio
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Black Oak Arkansas
for this performance was:
Jim Dandy Mangrum
Rickie Lee Reynolds
Johnnie Bolin
Terry Powers
George Hughen
Laidback's website
Johnnie Bolin sat down to chat before the show.
is on the right enjoying the moment or hiding
from the camera. Not sure which.
The sign on the fence.
Jackie, Lexrock's Steve Martin (or
Koolaidman as we know him) & his lady Betty.
Rita and Jackie ready to BOAfye.
Maybe I should say BOAfry.
The band gets ta crankin' and Jim Dandy gets ta singin'
And Johnnie Bolin gets to drummin'
And George Hughen and Rickie Lee Reynolds
are jammin' away .
And our own BOAkin Phil gets to
air guitarin'
And the crowd enjoyed...
And then they got weird...
There were 5 guys dancin' with this one girl
(with her back to the camera here).
Maybe they just have a girl shortage down there or
maybe it has something to do with why they have
cornhole tournaments there also ;-)
Anyway, the guy in the center in white T-shirt and blue
hat is Pat, the Laidback manager and a real nice guy.
Then it was time for pics after the show -
George Hughen, Me - Sarge, and Slydman Terry Powers
George, Koolaidman, and Slydman
George, Betty, and Slydman
I finally got to meet
The Wiz,
Rickie Lee Reynolds
for the first time.
Me and Jim Dandy Mangrum
The mouskateer meetin' Mickey ;-)
The band on the way home from gigs in Hanging Rock Ohio and Snowshoe West Virginia.
And Terry "Slydman" Powers is
apickin' and aplayin'
As Jim Dandy wails the tales of
mutants and happy hookers and hot
But the band didn't mind as
they continued to play
And George gave us
the "bottom" on his 5 string bass.
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