Robin's Pics from
Hot Springs,  Arkansas
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Black Oak Arkansas
for this performance was:
Jim Dandy Mangrum
Rickie Lee Reynolds
Victor Lukenbaugh
Hal McCormack
George Hughen
BOA -  12/8/05
BOA played - December 8,
Hot Springs Arkansas
Also played -
Judge Parker
Judge Parker played first
Judge Parker is:
Larry Pearson
Arthur Pearson
Robert Takatch
Victor Lukenbaugh
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Robin and Donna Draper
The BOA show
Rickie, Jim, Hal and George
Robin and Chris (Rickie's son)
Jim, Judge Parker's harp player and Hal
Rickie, Jim, and Victor on drums
Rickie, Jim, and Victor on drums
Rickie, Jim, Hal, and George
Jim scrubbing
Jim Dandy Jr. and Robin
Robin, Rickie, and Donna
Jim and the Karma emanating
BOA's set list was -
1. - Mean Time
2. - Hot Rod
3. - Wild Bunch
4. - Heart Breaker
5. -Uncle Lijah
6. - Post Toastee
7. - Happy Hooker
8. - Love For Rent
9. - Hot & Nasty
10. - Mutants Of The Monster
11. - When Electricity Came To Arkansas
12. - Released
13. - Lord Have Mercy
14. - Jim Dandy
15. - (Encore) Fever