My Pics from the
Rock Island
St. Louis,  Missouri
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Black Oak Arkansas
for this performance was:
Jim Dandy Mangrum
Rickie Lee Reynolds
Johnnie Bolin
Hal McCormack
George Hughen
Film roll 1
BOA - Drivin' Rain 4/2/05
BOA played - April 2, 2005
Rock Island
St. Louis Missouri
Also played -
Drivin' Rain and Southside 5
Drivin' Rain plays
Drivin' Rain is:
Timexx "Nasty" Rainwalker - Frontman/vocals
Tommy "COA" DeWolf - Guitar/vocals
G. P. "Geep" Clark  - Drummer/vocals
Skully "CD" Shemwell - Bass guitar/vocals
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And through the haze appeared Skully...
L to R: Skully, Timexx' back, and Geep
L to R: Tommy on far left, Timexx?, and Skully
The BOAkin gather for the show.
The Owl and I
Danny (Ozark Eagle) and Doug
Not sure about the guy in the back, in the middle.
George Hughen, his wife Lori, and
I think I know the guy on the right's name but can't remember.
My sister Lois, me, and my sister Joyce
Let the show begin...
The karma takes over
And Jim Dandy comes to our rescue
Dark pics and hard to see. Jim, Johnny and Hal are visible.
Johnny, George, and Hal
Danny on the left with the camera, Rickie Lee, and Dancin' Mary on the floor
A little scrubboarding
Hey fellers... Jim is singing on the left.  What are y'all lookin' at?
Must be Hal and his magic fingers.
George and Hal
The backs of some heads(?) at the show...
L to R: Daughter DeeDee, back of Owl, back of my
Son-in-law's sister Angel, and Dancin' Mary crankin' it on.
Bid $200 for the brunette on stage.
Johnny beating the drums
Jim and more backs of heads
A Dickey Betts fan in the crowd. Cool!
It looks like Johnny might be back there somewhere
Must be intermission. Rickie Lee gets a little lip from someone.
My son-in-law Ron leaning back in dark shirt and daughter DeeDee on far right.
Behind Ron is Angel and friend Terry drinking a beer.
Tis dancin' with the Dandy that Mary be a doin' ?
Ummm... Cool lights and smoke I guess...
You can see Hal but you can barely see George and Johnny
More heads...
Former BOA singer Ruby Starr (RIP) had an album named Smoky Places.
This sure fit.
Lori and I think it's her sister.
The ladies are rockin'
DeeDee and Angel dancin'
Acoustic time
Back of Angel, DeeDee. Terry, and Owl
The magic fingers of Hal do their deeds
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