In memory of my
Brothers After The War.
My Mom and Denny Duenwald at my
Mom's 70th Birthday party at the
SLAVC hall.
Denny Duenwald
Denny Duenwald at the
St. Louis Area Veterans
Consortium Hall
Dave Brewster acting as escort to
Navy Mothers' Officers at a Navy
Mothers Club covention
Veteran Appreciation Night at Busch Stadium.
And the casualties continue.........
John Toler
U.S. Army
DAW (death after war) 1986
I met John in a rap group at the Vietnam Veteran's Outreach
Center in St. Louis in 1985.  He had been a Lt. in the Army in
Vietnam.  He used to anguish over killing his hooch maid.  I
think because he thought she was VC or because she was
ripping him off or both.  In November 1985, around Veteran's
Day, a group of 20 of us from the rap groups went to THE
WALL in Washington DC and John was one of those who
In early 1986, John put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the
Gary Breck
Gary was a former Marine Vietnam vet and a member of
the Missouri Veterans Vigil of Honor, and Past President
of the St. Louis Area Veterans Consortium (SLAVC).  
I'm a member also and it was through them that I met
Gary some years ago.  He had a brother Bob that looked
somewhat like him and sometimes I would get them
confused.  We attended a lot of Veterans activities
throughout the years and celebrated the Marine Corps.
A few years ago, Gary put a rifle to his head and pulled
the trigger.
Dave Brewster
DAW  7/4/95
Dave did a couple tours in 'Nam in the mid 60's.  He was wounded on both
tours and I think he had 3 Purple Hearts.  He was former board member of
SLAVC.  We called his van the Mobile Marine Corps Museum because of all
the Marine stuff in and on it.  One time we were talking about boot camp and
he said something about his "Bunkie" or bunk buddy.  After that, some of us
called him Bunky Brewster.  He got cancer a few years ago and was awarded
100% service connected disability for Agent Orange.
He died shortly after.
Francis Albert "Denny" Duenwald
U.S. Air Force
DAW 2/13/99
Vietnam Veteran. Board member and long time member of SLAVC.  A member of
the Missouri Veterans Vigil of Honor, he was dedicated to POW/MIA issues.  It
started as cancer a couple years ago and continued from there.  On Veterans Day last
year, Denny was in the hospital.  We had the annual Veterans Day candlelight vigil at
the SLAVC Hall, reading the names of those from the St. Louis area killed in
Vietnam.  His wife was at the hall and had him on the phone so he could listen to the
reading from his hospital bed. Agent Orange claims another brother.
Me, Ed Allee, John Toler.  Monty Reedy in back. We
just arrived back in St. Louis from our trip to "The
Wall" in Washington D.C.
11/1985 - At the St. Louis Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Dave Brewster and Gen. William
1992? - 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant by
the St. Louis Airport.
Me & Dave Brewster being interviewed by a TV
1992 - At the "Moving Wall", downtown St. Louis.
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William S. "Wild Bill" SCHELL
US Army
DAW 12/8/99
I knew Bill from back in my Mehlville high school days.  One of
my good friends, Randy Jenkins, was also his good friend. That
was how I met him and we all used to hang out at Lemay Steak
'n Shake.
I just rediscovered him about 4 or 5 years ago  at Vet Jam.  I
saw him every year and he asked about Randy.  This year I saw
him at Vet Jam and he told me about another Mehlville guy, Tom
Sontag, dying.  He never said a word about his own cancer.  He
was just a hell of a nice guy and it's truly sad  that one of good
people of the world  had to go so soon.
He was diagnosed with Agent Orange related cancer in July and
it got the best of him.
Bill Schell
from the Mehville High School Yearbook
"The Reflector" - 1965  
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Frank A. "Free Wheelin' Frank" Ulma
U.S. Air Force
DAW 2/09/01
To my good buddy, Frank A. Ulma who just died this past
Friday, February 9, 2001 from an extended bout with throat
cancer. I'm sure as hell going to miss you even though we
didn't get to see much of each other during the past 20 years.
Frank was an Air Force dog handler in Germany during the
Vietnam era.
When I lived in New York and worked at the U.N., Frank and
I were roommates for close to four years.
I got the chance to visit with him for a while when we went to
New York last year.
We had some great times together. Many, many concerts
including the 650,000 person
Watkins Glen Concert. Frank had
been to the original Woodstock also.
Rest In Peace brother...
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Frank Ulma in
his Air Force days.
Robert Baxter Batson III
U.S. Air Force   U.S. Marine Corps
DAW 7/08/04
To Bob - the best friend a person could have. My friend, brother, confidant,
former roommate, mentor, fellow Marine, sidekick, inspiration and the list could
go on and on.
As his nephew referred to him: A cross beween Mr. Rogers and Superman. He
was all that and more.
He left New York for a tour in the Air Force in the mid 60's where he was
stationed in Germany as a dog handler.
I met him through his brother in St.Louis, where he came after the Air Force.
His brother Bill and I went to high school together and I used to hang out at
Bill's. When Bob came to St. Louis we got to be good friends.
After a while, he got restless and joined the Marine Corps. A while later, I joined
the Marine Corps.
When I got out of The Corps in August '70, Bob was already out.
After a few weeks in St. Louis, we got the wanderlust. Bob had family in New
York, but I wanted to go to Calfornia, stopping in Montana to see a fellow
Vietnam vet and try my hand at smoke jumping. Bob liked the smoke jumping
We decided to hitchhike to New York to visit his sister Linda and his friends up
there. Then we head West form there. His friends were Al Davis (who had been
a Green Beret Vietnam) and Frank Ulma (Bob's fellow dog-handler  in Germany
in the Air Force) who was from New York. It took us 27 hours and 32 rides to
get to NY. That was quite an experience.
When we went to see Frank, we discovered that Frank had two sisters. Bob
immediately fell in love with Frank's sister Donna. Donna set me up with her
girlfriend Cathy.
Bob and I decided we needed jobs if we were going to take these women out.
His friend Al worked at E. J. Korvette's in Herald Square (across from Macy's)
as a store detective. He took us down there and they were only to happy to hire
a couple of former Marines. In our training classes there, we got to be good
frineds with Bill Alcaide 1st Cavalry Divsion in Vietnam)  and have remained
friends throughout the years.
After a few months at Korvette's, things were getting pretty serious with Bob
and Donna. I wasn't seeing Cathy anymore. Bob left Korvette's and eventually
ended up at Con Edison as a cable splicer. I was tempted to head West on my
own, but I had also put in a few other job applications. The pay at Korvette's
sucked. I got a telegram from the UN (Couldn't afford a phone) offering me a
job for more money than I had ever made in my life. I took the job and Bob and
I stayed roommates for quite a while.
He married Donna in '72 and I was their best man. I lost my roommate, but
gained Donna's brother Frank as a roommate until I left NY in '74.
It was very hard to leave the friends I made up there. Bob was such a
knowledgeable person and he taught me a lot. He introduced me to many
different foods, especially Chinese food. In St. Louis back then, it was chop
suey in a can. There was only one Chinese restaurant in STL and it was a
swanky one fo rthe mucky-mucks.  Then there were the other foods I had
never had until Bob - knishes, martinis, lox, bagels, greek food, Nathan's hot
dogs, Italian ices, and New York pizza slices.
So many memories...
Rest In Peace brother...
Updated 12/19/2005
Willy Reid
U.S. Marine Corps
DAW 5/31/2005
Think Sherman Helmsley as "George Jefferson". When you do, you have Willy. As
least that's what his manner and disposition conveyed to me. Just a fun guy to be
Willy was with the 9th Marines in Vietnam. I didn't know him then.
I met him at the United Nations when we worked in the security section. He and I
were on the same squad.
Willy lived in the Bronx. He never had a car or driver's license like  many people in
New York. Plenty of busses and subways.
I lived in Yonkers, just North of the Bronx.
Willy became my co-rider to work. I would pick him up on the way to work and
drop him off on my way home.
That is, when we decided to go straight home.
We did a lot of partying after work.  Willy was a "Drambuie and Scotch" guy. He
used to take me places in Harlem where a white boy wouldn't go by himself. I
always had a good time, though.
Many times, we would make it to Willy's in the wee hours of the morning and I
would just crash there for the night.
His wife wasn't always happy with us, but I would awake to her fixing breakfast
for us.  When you're single like I was, you just don't pass up home cooked
We got to be called "salt and pepper" by some of the guys at the UN.
There was a lot of predjudice at the UN. There were white guys ask me why I ran
around with a black guy, and black guys ask him why he ran around with a white
guy. Our answer was that the only color we knew was Marine Corps green.
I worked at the UN for almost 4 years and we were the best of friends.
Some time after I left NY, Willy left the UN and moved to Virginia. We stayed in
touch over the years.
We went to Houston in '95 for his daughter's wedding.
In the last couple of years, Willy was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and got
confined to a wheel chair.
I feel a great sense of sorrow because I didn't see more of him in the recent years.
As we passed through VA on the way to NY in May of this year, I thought about
stopping in VA and visiting with him. Since we had our grandkids with us, I
thought it might be better if we went to see him at a different time.
I should have stopped. Willy died on May 31st.
I just found out after we them sent a Christmas card. His wife wrote back that he
had died in May and she forgot to let me know.
My heart is very heavy this Christmas season. But, I know he's cracking jokes and
making someone laugh up there like he did when I knew him.
Rest In Peace Brother.
Willy Reid at his daughter's wedding
in 1995.