Bachmann HO EZ Track Feeders
I ran into a problem that needed a solution when I was working with a layout
plan. It's basically a curvy oval using 15" curves and 2 1/4" straights.
EZ Track terminal tracks for connecting power wires only come in straight and
18" curves. I needed a way to connect the power wires.
I bought some pre-wired rail joiners that have lengths of wire soldered to them.
When I tried to use them with EZ Track, the inside wire was getting pinched
because there is no open space under the track where it is attached to the road
bed and the track pieces wouldn't fit together all the way.
There were other ways to go about doing the wiring. I could have just soldered
wires to the rails and run one underneath the track, maybe notching the
underside of the track for the inner wire. That would have involved soldering. I
wanted something quick and easy.
Below is how I solved the problem with just a little cutting.
I took a pocket knife and cut away the gray road bed up to the tie from the edge
of the connector to the outside of the connector pocket.
Now the inside wire just sits in the gap where the road bed was cut away, the
track pieces fit together tight, and both wires come out at the same place.
Getting power to your EZ Track when you can't use the terminal tracks
and you don't want to solder.
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