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Veterans in my extended family.
My wife, Linda (Elliott) Toenges was in the Army in '74 and '75, but stayed stateside.  She was in Postal.  She was then in the Army National Guard in '76 and '77.
Henry Toenges enlisted in the Union's Company "D", 5th Missouri Infantry Regiment in St. Louis in 1861 and got out in 1862.  Later, he then enlisted in the 44th Missouri Infantry Regiment in St. Louis, both during the Civil War.
My dad, Louis J. "Red" Toenges, Jr., aboard the Battleship Wisconsin (BB-64) in 1947.
My dad is the 2nd from left.  The other three are: A. E. Smith, H. A. Bell, and L.A. Zulver.
Shanghai, China
My dad on the left and Frank Schubert on the right.
On the back of the picture it says "Homeward Bound  1951  Korea".
My dad was what was known as a "ruptured duck".  He got out of the Navy, but was reactivated for the Korean war by President Harry Truman, as were many other service members.
This is my uncle, Joseph Naggi.  He was in the Army in the early 50's.  Not sure if he went to Korea, but I know he was in Germany.  He was also stationed at Colorado Springs, Co.  When I was 4 (1954), a friend of my aunt's took me by train to Colorado Springs to visit them.
My dad and "Pal" on M-49
Ulithi, Carolines, South Pacific
My Grandpa, Louis J. Toenges, Sr., was in the Navy SEABEES in the South Pacific during WWII.
My Uncle Joe Naggi again.  This time - 1999.
My Granduncle, Joseph H. Painter, was in the Army in World War I.
My 1st cousin once removed, Marion Lee Painter, was in the Marine Corps in WWII.
My Nephew, Anthony Michael "Tony" Maddox, Navy Jr. ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps).
Tony also spent some time as an M.P. with the Army National Guard.
My 1st cousin once removed, John Harold Painter, was in the Army Air Corps in bombers in WWII.  He was a tail gunner and flew 35 missions over Europe.
My Step Grandpa, Arthur George Fuelsch, was in the Army National Guard with the 1st Missouri Infantry at Camp Maxwell in Jefferson Barracks. He enlisted in 1917. In 1918, he enlisted in the Navy and was in WWI.
My 1st cousin once removed, Raymond Jonathan Welge, was in the Navy from 1957-1979.  He was a Master Chief Petty Officer.
My Step Aunt, Jean Fields (Grandpa Fuelsch's daughter), was an Army Nurse in WWII. She later went to work as a nurse at the V.A. Hospital at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.
My first cousin once removed, Glennon "Buddy" Welge was in the Army.
My Step Uncle, Tom Fields, was in the Army and I think he was in WWII.  He met my Step Aunt Jean while he was a patient and she was a nurse in the V.A. Hospital at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.
Private Movitz Toenges was in the Union's Company "I", 153rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was wounded on July 1, 1863 in the Battle of Gettysburg and died of his wounds on July 19, 1863.
My Sister Janet's husband, Joseph W. Allen, was in the Army in the late 60's or early 70's. He was stationed in Germany.
My cousin Jolene's (Naggi) husband, Jerry Jahraus, recently retired after a career in the Coast Guard.
My Sister Lois' first husband, Michael Charles Maddox, was a Marine in Vietnam.  I think he was with the 9th Marines.  His mother and father, Charles and Gussie Maddox were both Marines.
My granduncle, Roy William Painter, was a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard in WWII.  He was killed in a car accident shortly after he returned from the war.
My Sister Lois' current fiance, Kenny Cox, was in the Marines in Vietnam.
My Sister Cindy's first husband was Daniel Haney.  He was in the Army, stateside.
My Sister Cindy's second husband, Royce Cummins, was in the Marines after the Vietnam Era.
My great great grandpa, Solomon Alexander Painter, fought for the South during the Civil War.
Two of his sons also fought for the South.
My Sister Cindy's fiance, Jim Wadum, was in the Navy from 1974 to 1982.  He served aboard the USS Forrestal as a 1st Class Petty Officer. He did time in repairing training devices, search and rescue, and anti submarine warfare. 

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