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4' X 6' Layouts for those with limited space using Bachmann EZ Track.

Below are various layout plans that were done with Cybertrack software.
In the upper right corner of the pictures is the over and under part, with the over
being the outside track on top of the picture.
The curves are all 18" curves.
I did these so long ago that I don't remember what all size small straights I used in
a few places.
The turnouts are all standard turnouts.
Maybe someone can get use some of the ideas.
Track plans

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This one has an elevated coal car spur toward the top right of the pic.
In tihs one, I had to start the rise back at the turnout for the passing siding.
The yard sloped down hill.
This one was a pretty basic over and under..
In this one, I tried reversing the over and under part, but the rise obscured
the front of the layout somewhat
I think switchbacks are neat, so I wanted to have one on the layout..
This one had more spur track.
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