Pictures at various stages of my life after
My many faces since then while I try to decide what I want to be when I grow up.  The Marine Corps
told me I was a lean green killing machine and they even took me to Vietnam to prove their point.
So what am I to do for an encore.........
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Me & Myron Williams at a Vietnam Vet Pow Wow put on by the
Lakota Sioux Viet Vets at the Pine Ridge Reservation in Pine Ridge
South Dakota.  Myron was wounded pretty bad in 'Nam.  He lost
one leg and was getting ready to lose another due to the remaining
shrapnel.  He had to wear a fake leg.  Myron had come to the Pow
Wow from the Sisseton Reservation in Northeast South Dakota.
At the powwow, I had the privilege of witnessing an eagle feather
ceremony.  An eagle feather is awarded to a warrior who has been to
battle.  This particular ceremony honored a woman Army vet from
the Gulf War.
June, 1992
is an Army vet. She never went to 'Nam.  She was in postal over here - kept
those cards and letters coming.
In 1997, we took a month and traveled west to Nebraska, South Dakota,
Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas.  We went to the
old forts and garrisons along the Oregon and Mormon Trails and the Pony
Express route.
Then headed north to the Black Hills, Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn, etc.  
Then Yellowstone and Grand Tetons and on to Promontory Utah for the
driving of the Golden Spike.  Then back through Colorado and Kansas.
June, 1997
Me & Ed Stearns.  I found Ed on the street while we were waiting to
assemble for the parade.  Ed and I were in ITR, BITS, and staging together.  
He was in
Echo or Fox 2/5.
June 13, 1986 - Chicago Welcome Home Parade
Chris was to Vietnam vets like Betty Grable was to WWII vets.  Now what
did I ever do with her pinup......
She was also a DJ on AFVN radio.  While some vets remember Adrian
Cronauer saying, "Good morning Vietnam!", I remember Chris' sultry voice
saying it.
Veterans Day, sometime between '87 and '92
Me ready to go do the Chicago Parade.  A group of about 20 or 30 St. Louis
Area Veterans Consortium members went to the Chicago Welcome Home
Parade by train.  The lounge car was completely out of alcohol by the time
we got to Chicago.
June 13, 1986 - Hotel room in Chicago
My buddy John Gowens and I in front of Mahuffer's.  John Sesor, the guy
that owns Mahuffer's Bar is an old
Navy vet and he has quite a tale to tell.  It
is most of the most unique places I have ever been in.  John Gowens and I
went to Florida for a week to visit another buddy in St. Petersburg.
May 1998 - Indian Shores Beach, Florida
HBO Welcome Home Concert in Washington D.C.  This was the 6 hour special broadcast
on HBO.  We saw Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt, Creedence Clearwater, Neil Diamond,
Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Four Tops, Anita Baker, James Brown, Peter Fonda, Jon Voight,
Ricardo Montalban (Son was in Vietnam), Martha Raye,
Rocky Bleier (former
Pittsburgh Steeler &
Army Viet Vet) Catherine Bach, Comedian Blake Clark (Army
Viet vet)
and I can't remember who else. Best concert I've ever been to.  It was cool,
looking out over a sea of cammies.
July 4th, 1987
Mom & I on the front porch.  Going to Reserve weekend.
May 13, 1983
Me, Jim Jeffries (Marine), Mike Humphrey (Army - bird dog pilot/forward
observer), Ed Allee (Navy), Dave Ambrose (Marine - amtracs).  
all of us Vietnam
vets.  20 of us from our Vet Center rap group went by bus to The Wall for the first
11/10/85 - Washington DC. - Grassy area east of The Wall.
The Namvet Namtet - Me, Jimmy Miller, Jake Schneider, Dan Kreynest,
Bud Wheeler.  
We had a variety show of people doing different things followed
by a concert by Britt Small & Festival.  In this pic, we 4 are singing "We Gotta
Get Out of This Place".
January, 1987 - VVLP Variety Show at Soulard Preservation Hall, St. Louis
Watkins Glen Concert.  650,000 people.  All weekend concert with Allman Brothers,
Greatful Dead, and The Band. I think this picture is of Greatful Dead. They had to helo
in pallets with jugs of water.  We parked at the base of the mountain and had to hump
forever to get to the concert site.  Each band did a 6 hour set with a lot of intraband
jamming in between.
July 1973 - Watkins Glen Racetrack, New York
Me in my basement apartment in Yonkers New York.  And then
there's the 1000 yard stare....
1974 maybe.
Jimme "JC" Collins (H CO. 2/5)  JC and I went here on a
weekend liberty one time.
July, 1970 - Los Angeles Museum of Transportation
Me on a weekend liberty.
July, 1970 - Los Angeles Museum of Transportation
I had to wear a wig at the U.N. because after I got out of the Corps,  I
swore I wasn't getting another hair cut for a few years.
Bill was in the Army with the
1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam. His
hair is all gray now and he looks just like Steve Martin.
March, 1972 - United Nations HQ, New York
Singer Country Joe McDonald (of Country Joe & The Fish fame -
"Gimme an F....") & I.  Joe came to Springfield MO to play a 25th
anniversary concert.  Back in 1981, he had played at the Vietnam Vets Pig
Roast put on by St. Louis Consortium members in Springfield and he's
kept in touch through the years.  Joe was in the
Navy, before Vietnam
!995 - Hotel room in Springfield MO.
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