L ro R(I'll have to go look up some of these names): Jake Schneider, Jim
Jeffries, "Short Round", Steve Mills, Mike Humphrey, Dave Ambrose, ?, ?,
Me, Ed Allee, Monty Reedy, John Toler, ?, Al Croom, Ray Pierson, ?, John
Our rap group just returning to St. Louis from The Wall.  Standing behind the St.
Louis Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Veterans Day, 1985
Dave Ambrose, Mike Humphrey (back to cam), ?, ?, Me.  The two guys in the
middle are just strangers who weren't because we were all brothers.  Don't know
what their names were.  Our paths crossed and we mentally journeyed to another
time and place long ago through this intensely emotional experience.
11/10/85 - Grassy area in front of The Wall.  They don't let you sit there anymore.
Me.  Down in Lake of the Ozarks and running with the local Harley
When I left New York, I had to get away from the rat race so I went
to the Ozarks in March of '75 and lived down there until  '79.
Summer of '77 - Ben and Janice's house in Camdenton, MO.
Me and John Gowens.  We heard there was this heifer named Monica back
east, so, being from Missouri, we had to be shown.  My buddy John never
was too politically correct.  Always on the wrong end of a deal.  Oh well.  
Come to find out, it weren't no heifer anyhow.
May, 1998 - St. Petersburg Florida
Me in the greens.  Can't remember the other guys names.
Veteran's Day, 1983 - St. Louis Veterans Day Parade
My United Nations ID.  It was tough fitting all that hair up
under my wig.
Me as "The Hulk" going to Century 21
Halloween Party.
October, 1981
Me as Frankenstein, Mom, and my nephew Justin. I'm
heading off to work at Century 21 Haunted House.
October, 1981
Former Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff General William
restaurant by the St. Louis airport.
President Reagan speaking at The Wall.
Me and General Ray Davis, Medal of Honor winner in the Korean
War and former Commander of the 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam,
at the Last Man's Club Vietnam Vet Reunion.
1988? - By Veterans Memorial Amphitheater in Jefferson Barracks.
Former Marine Colonel Oliver North after
a speech. Myself, my wife Linda and a few of
our veteran friends were invited, as veterans, to
hear Ollie speak at a Republican fundraiser.  
We were asked to dress in military clothes, so
we had cammie shirts on with pins and badges.  
This was around the time of Iran-Contra and
we were supposed to be the token display that
veterans supported Ollie.  As we entered the
building, some old gal, dripping with diamonds
and fur, inquired if we were supposed to be
1990? - Chase Hotel, St. Louis MO.
Me (in my capacity as President of the St. Louis Area Veterans Consortium),
Robert Fulstone
(Vice President/General Manager of KLOU 103 Radio), Randi
(On Air Personality), Bill Elmore (Executive Director of the Missouri
Veterans Leadership Program).  Bill and I were presenting plaques to Bob and
KLOU for their super-duper support of veterans.  Bob was in the
Army in
Vietnam  He was with a signal battalion I. Bill was in the
Air Force.
1992 - KLOU 103 Radio Station, St. Louis MO.
More to come.....
Country Joe McDonald
Springfield Mo.
"All ready on the left.
All ready on the right.
All ready on the firing line.
Commence debate when
your hot topic appears."
after Vietnam.

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