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railroading days.
When I was a kid, my Dad had Lionel 027 train layouts and I always had fun
playing with trains so my interest in model railroading is inherited.
It wasn't unitl we bought our house that I decided to build one.
These are pictures of my first layout attempt in late 1999 or early 2000.
It was a 4' X 6' over and under folded dogbone type layout.  
It didn't take long before I knew I wouldn't be happy with one that small so it only
lasted a few months.
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Christmas tree layouts
I built a 4 x 6 table and bought some Woodland Scenics risers and Bachmann steel track.
Later on, I learned that the steel track was not a good idea because it can rust. After that,
I used Bachmann nickel silver track but that doesn't rust.
I bought an Amtak FPH diesel and 3 passenger cars to start. Then a few freight cars and
a couple structures. I got some Woodland Scenics tunnel portals and placed them around
and covered them with newspaper while I was doing my planning. I bought a couple of
birdges for the upper track.
I set up the layout to be kind of a folded dogbone. I made a little yard with a wye in it
for some opoerational interest.
As I got a little farther along, I bought a pair of Bachmann F Unit diesels to pull the
freight cars. It wasn't too long before I became frustrated with the lack of room to do
things I wanted to do so I abandoned it in mid 2000 and started on a 4' X 8' layout. I use
the same base and added a 2' foot extension on it. I also took it in the house instead of
keeping it in the garage.
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