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H (Hotel) Company
2nd Battalion
5th Marine Regiment
1st Marine Division A
n Hoa Combat Base, South Vietnam
April '69 to March '70
Liberty Bridge, 1996. This is a photo that
Mike Averill from Golf 2/5 sent me from his
trip back to Vietnam in 1996. This view is
looking North.
Me at the North end of the  
compound at  Liberty Bridge.
February, 1970
Liberty Bridge - looking Southwest toward An Hoa.
February, 1970
Flamethrowers - 2/70 - looking Southwest from
North side of Liberty Bridge.
"Terrible T".
This site will be under constant revision for a while so check
back often.
This is site is intended to be educational.  Some people know
very little about the veterans who fought the war.  After all the
close calls I had in 'Nam, I often wondered why I was spared.  
Perhaps it was so that I could share my experiences and things
I've learned over the years.
Maybe someone will learn from me.  All these pictures and notes
and paraphanalia were laying around collecting dust.  Now I
have the vehicle by which I can share these things with the
I've always wanted to write my autobiography, so this is forcing
me to sit down and write and remember.  It's like I'm writing
my book on line. Since I've started dabbling in geneology, I sure
wish all my ancestors would have documented their lives like
I'm doing.
This site is just a small slice of time and space from years past.  
I hope you enjoy and perhaps learn a little, through words and
pictures, the life of a grunt, before, during, and after Vietnam.
Besides, I have a very high level of dioxin (Agent Orange) in my
blood, so I might not be around much longer. Who knows....
So come..............  Share my PTSD with me...............
My pages,  pictures, and text - Copyright 1999 - 2017  All rights reserved
Terry Toenges
Sit Reps (Situation Reports) -
at night, calling sitreps was done by the
platoon command post (CP) group to keep
track  of squads out on ambushes or
fireteams out on listening posts (LP).  The
person on the ambush or LP could click
his handset twice to let the CP know
everything was OK without talking or
making noise.
"1 Bravo. 1 Bravo. This is Hotel 1.
If all secure, key your handset twice.
If not, key it 3 times."
"If it's cool in the bushes,
give me 2 pushes."
If you think sex is fun, try a firefight..
When was the last time you had the "2 digit frigids"?
Ham and lima beans, better known
as "ham and mother fuckers"
=  beau coup number 10.
This site will teach you about a veteran's life before, during, and after the Marine Corps and teach you some other things you
might not know or want to know.
"H" Co. or "Hotel" Company was my unit in Vietnam.
A 5th Marine Regiment decal I
picked up at Camp  Margarita in
2nd Battalion 5th Regiment patch I got at a
2/5 reunion in Washington D.C
Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.) chevron
1st Marine Division patch
'Nam  pages
Life after 'Nam - page 1
Life after 'Nam - page 2
Attention Marines!
If you see anything in these pages
that's wrong or inaccurate, don't
hesitate to let me know.  I am
writing most of this from memory,
with a little help from my letters,
my pictures, and my fellow
Marines and their memories and
*** A Word of Warning ***
Some of these following pages contain
salty language that might not be souls.
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