The Marine NCO  03.3 - Nov. 1984
Land Navigation  03.28 - Dec. 1986
Small Units Counterinsurgency Operations  03.30 - Apr. 1987
Military Functions In Civil Disturbances  03.16 - Oct. 1987
Personal Finance  34.20 - Mar. 1988
Counseling For Marines  01.12 - May 1988
Terrorism Counteraction For Marines  02.10 - Mar. 1989
Staff Noncommissioned Officers Career Nonresident Academy  7100 - Feb. 1988
Sub courses:
Military Justice  7105 - 9/87
Personnel Administration  7104 - 9/87
Military Training  7107 - 12/87
Drills, Ceremonies, Uniform Regulations and Inspections  7108 - 12/87
Leadership  7106 - 12/87
Marine Corps History and Traditions  7109 - 12/87
The Basic School Nonresident Program  7300 - Mar. 1989
Sub courses:
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical  7304 - 9/88
Rifle Platoon In The Offensive  7309 - 10/88
Rifle Platoon In The Defense  7310 - 11/88
Combat Intelligence  7306 - 11/88
Tactical Fundamentals  7308 - 1/89
Operations Against Guerrilla Units  03.24 - July 1990
Staff Noncommissioned Officers Academy Advanced Nonresident Program  7200 - 1991
Sub courses:
Physical Training Management  7201 - 9/90
Drill, Customs And Courtesies, Ceremonies, Uniforms, and  Regulations 7202 - 9/90
Military Justice  7203 - 9/90
Professional Communications 7204 - 10/90
Administration  7205 - 7/91
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Life after 'Nam -  page 1
Life after 'Nam - page 2

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My Marine Corps Education and Training
Terry Toenges
-Boot Camp 11/68 - 01/69  Marine Corps Recruit Depot, SanDiego CA.
---Operation and care of the M-14 rifle, first aid, hygiene, drilling and marching, physical fitness, hand to hand combat, Marine
Corps history and traditions, and uniform regulations.
-Infantry Training Regiment (ITR) 1/69-2/69 Camp Pendleton CA.
--Operation and care of the M-16 rifle, .45 caliber pistol, M-79 grenade launcher,  3.5 rocket launcher (bazooka), M-60
machinegun, 60mm and 81mm mortars, hand genade, flame thrower, bayonet, and M-72 antitank rocket (LAAW). Infantry
tactics, first aid, hand to hand combat, radio communications, booby traps, demolitions, and anything else associated with the
-Basic Infantry Training School (BITS) 2/69-3/69
--Advanced care and operation of the M-60 machinegun and crew served weapons tactics.
-Staging Battalion 3/69-4/69
--Vietnam orientation and culture, escape and evasion, Geneva Convention protocol, prisoners of war, survival tactics, radio
procedures, care and use of all weapons listed previously, hygiene, and first aid.
-Land Mine Warfare, Booby Trap, and Demolitions School 4/69 - Danang, South Vietnam
--All things pertinent to mines, booby traps, and demolitions, including identification, use, and diffusion of mines and booby
traps and use of C-4 explosives and TNT.
-Vietnam 4/69-3/70
--On the job training with all of the above.
-Helicopter Support Team School 6/70 - Camp Pendleton CA.
--All things associated with ground liaison between the helicopter and support team, including directional assistance to pilots
landing and taking off and hooking, unhooking, loading, and unloading resupply and medical evacuation helicopters.
-3.5 rocket launcher squad leader 3/70-8/70 Camp Pendleton CA.
--Advanced training in the operation and deployment of 3.5 rocket launchers and personnel.
-Seaborne Helicopter Assaults 8/70 San Diego and Camp Pendleton CA.
--Training in infantry helicopter assaults from aboard the USS Okinawa, an LPH (landing, personnel helicopter) ship.
-Dragon squad leader 3/83-3/84 - Marine Corps Reserve Center, St. Louis MO.
--Advanced training in the operation and deployment of the dragon (wire guided tank killer rocket) and personnel.
-Amphibious training 8/83 San Diego Naval Base and Camp Pendleton CA.
--Amphibious assaults and beach landings on "Mike" boats from the USS Peleliu, an LHA (landing, helicopter and amphibious)
-Navy SEAL training 8/87 - Navy SEAL Base, Coronado, CA.
--A condensed course of intensified SEAL training including hand to hand combat, rapelling, and ocean based rubber boat
-Amphibious training 8/87 San Diego Naval Base and Camp Pendleton CA.
--Amphibious assaults and beach landings on "Mike" boats from the USS Belleau Wood, an LHA.
Sarge T's