Paul Pratt in the barracks at Mainside.
April 17,  '69
Me at Mainside again.
There's a story behind this pic.  In a picture that I have of my dad in World
War II, he is standing on the deck of his ship, flipping the double bone.
So.... like father, like son.........
April 17, 1969
Me on weekend liberty at Steve Tabb's Aunt's
house after a bout with a bottle of gin and bottles
of Squirt.
April 4, 1969
Me in the quonset hut at Las Pulgas.  Las Pulgas
was a training camp within Camp Pendleton. We
were in staging battalion, getting ready to go to
'Nam.  Staging was the last minute, before we go to
Vietnam, training.  Kind of a crash course in
everything we learned about war throughout our
training.  Each staging unit consisted of everyone
from different MOS's (Millitary Occupational
Specialties) going to Vietnam at a particular time.
April 7, '69
Yes.... Me at Mainside Barracks again.
April 17, 1969
Unit 3347
3rd Replacement Division
Staging Battalion
Las Pulgas and Mainside
Camp Pendleton California
March and April 1969
Me, Steve Tabb, Steve's cousin Herb and son
little Steve
, at their (Steve's Aunt's) home in La
Puente CA.  Steve and I used to go there on our
weekend liberties.  I met Steve the first day of boot
camp and we went all the way through training, up
to 'Nam together.  Steve and I got to be good friends
due to the alphabet.  When we lined up in boot
camp, it was always in alphabetical order -  
"......Tabb, Teer, Toenges...."  Steve was tall, too
Phil Teer was short.  When we would be in line
waiting for shots or something, Steve and I could
talk eye to eye while poor Phil was down below.
April 4, 1969
Me in the barracks at Mainside in Camp
Pendelton.  We had finished our grunt training at
Las Pulgas and were just a couple days away
from leaving for 'Nam.
April 17, 1969
Steve Tabb in Mainside Barracks
April 17, '69
Me at Mainside.
April 17, 1969
Me & Steve Tabb in Barracks at Mainside.  
Steve was from Plains, Kansas.
April 17, 1969
*** Danger Will Robinson! Salty language below! ***
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