Dad's Trains
Pictures of my Dad's trains from the 50's.
The pics below are from Dad's layout. This was sometime in the early
50's. Lionel O27 or O gauge (I can't remember.)
He built it on an old door and added an extra piece of wood along the
length of it to make it wider.
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My first exposure to trains. I was 14 days old when this was taken.
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The Louisville and Terrytown Railroad. I think that's a Chesapeake
and Ohio Railroad switcher. I remember it was blue and yellow.
A pair of Rock Island Line "F" unit diesels
The covered hopper car in the center he hand built out of balsa wood.
Note the Christmas tree stand embedded in the "mountain".
A long view. The cans on the left he soldered together and made into
storage tanks. The can on the platform in the top center was going to
be a water tank.
A close up view of the diesel.
My first exposure to trains. I was 14 days old when this was taken.
Unfortunately, there came a time that he had to sell it. He sold it to my
Uncle Dudley so at least we could visit it sometimes. It wasn't long after
that when we moved to Kansas City and I never saw it again. I remember
hearing that my Uncle sold it to someone else.
Once we moved to Kansas City (Gladstone to be exact), I got my very own
Lionel train set for Christmas in 1958.
This is that train set from 1958 set up around my tree in 1999.
I painted the locomotive and tender red and other cars red and green. The
two small cars aren't part of the original set but the rest are originals.
I used part of it last year for my Christmas layout.