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This is how it starts. A point to point layout rather than a continuous loop. A point
to point railroad is one that goes from place to another and back on the same
Terry Mountain

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When I took down my Christmas layout from 2016, I really didn't want to
give up the trains. I had  some ideas in my mind for a few years of things I'd
like to try with a layout. This is one of those ideas. We'll see how it goes.
I'm going to do it in On30 scale. In model railroading, Bachmann's On30 is O
scale size people and buildings. The train equipment has the wheels spaced
to run on HO track.
HO track is close to what would be narrow gauge track in real life because
HO corresponds to real rails that are 30" apart. The standard rail spacing is
4' 8 1/2" apart.
Narrow gauge railroads have been built with a variety of distances between
the rails. It's usually dictated by the terrain, cost, and loads to be hauled.
Narrow gauge cars and locos are usually smaller than standard gauge ones.
Started 1/28/2017
I'm not sure what sort of railroad it will be yet. I could do logging, mining, tourist,or
general freight and passenger. I already have some On30 logs cars and ore cars. One
thought is to build a town on top and one below. Another thought is to do a mine or a
forest on top and a mill or town below. I'm leaning toward a tourist RR.
This was the first try. I've since revised it a little.
2/3/2017- This is the revised version. I made some small changes so that I can
use straight bridges where the track crosses over another track.  I also figured
out where I can add turnout on top and bottom.
I have pieces of track turned upside down and laying on the tracks where the
bridges will be.
There will be a tunnel where the upper track passes over the loop so I don't
need the bridges there.
2/10/2017 - I made a change to it and added a mid-level run-around so a train going
up could pass a train coming down. I'm also experimenting with different spurs on   
the bottom to maybe include a switchback.
I stacked and glued some pieces of styrofoam as temporary supports. I made a
series of graduated ones and measured out the space between them to see if I
can use a 3% grade or if I have to use a 4% grade. It will be close but I think I
will be able to use a 3% grade.
4% is a 4 inch rise in 100 inches and 3% is a 3 inch rise in 100 inches. With
3", a loco can pull more cars than with 4% because 4% is steeper.
With a switchback on the spur on the lower part, I can store an extra loco or
car out of the way. If I do a tourist RR, I'll put a small station alongside the spur.
Updated 2/19/2017
2/19/2017 - I ordered an adjustable bed frame with wheels for the base so I can move
the layout around. It was just sitting on concrete blocks.
Assembling the bed frame and screwing it to the 2 X 4's. It's not
attached to the base here. I just have it laid out there because it's easier
to work on that way.
On the left, I have the two 1 X 3's screwed down for the rear extension. On the right, I cut
the other 1 X 4's to fit on the 2 X 4's and screwed them down. The frame is now done.
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I put an extra leg under the part that sticks out on the right front.