Plywood is down for a test fit. I will have the plywood up on
concrete blocks and the O27 running on the floor.
Christmas night
daylight 2
daylight 1
Videos of the 2016 set up.
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The 2016 set up. I'm planning on Lionel O27 around the
bottom, then Bachmann On30 trolley, Bachmann HO trolley,
passenger cars on a couple of levels. This could change with
other Christmas locos and cars that I have.
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Trying out track configurations.
Figuring out where the scenic things will fit.
Changed the big part to just a loop and removed the
turnouts to make the wiring a lot easier.
Elevated the rear oval. Added the point to point trolley
I have the upper part pretty well figured out, so I took that up and I'm laying
out the Lionel track to figure out how it will go.
It will be on the floor and the plywood will be up on concrete blocks.
Only the part of the track on the right side will be visible and maybe on the end.
It depends on if I want to drape the white "snow" all the way to the floor or not
on the end.  I'm leaning on leaving it open so the train will be visible underneath
for a short distance.
I'm using masking tape to mark where the track will be and where the plywood
will be. When I pick up the plywood and put the track on the floor, I have to
know this so I know where to put the concrete blocks so they don't interfere
with the track.
I'm using bread ties to tie the track pieces together because I don't want them
coming loose while they under the wood. That would be big trouble.
I lifted up the plywood and put the concrete blocks in place.
*****Update 11/8/2016 *****
A couple views of the tunnel created in the back. My biggest worry is having
the train derail back there and to not be able to retrieve it.
*****Update 11/6/2016 *****
I had a long cardboard box that I cut apart and fitted around the sides of
the blocks. That way, I can staple the "snow" to the cardboard when I
lay down the snow .
I screwed some flat brackets on the extension piece and screwed them
to them main piece to join them together.
A couple of long shots. I now have to cover the plywood with snow so
I can start on the upper part.
Updated 11/8/2016
I brought the fence in and set it up.
I have the snow on the floor around the perimeter now.
I just finished running the lights for the lower level.
*****Update 11/10/2016 *****
Now the hard part starts. Laying the rest of the track and making sure
I get power to the right places.
*****Update 11/13/2016 *****
Little by little.
*****Update 11/17/2016 *****
The upper level is mostly done except for a tunnel on the right side.
Mission Control - I used my wife's document shredder as a base. I cut apart
some white cardboard boxes and taped them together and made a big box to
slide over the shredder.
I taped the two power centers to the box. (One power center controls the trains
and the other power center controls the lights and animated displays.) I taped
an unused floor tile upside down to the top power center. Then I taped a piece
of white cardboard box over it (just so everything would look white).
I put two strips of velcro across the top of the power center. Then, I put strips
of velcro on the bottoms of the train power packs.
The white tape on top of the Lionel one is so I know where to stop the throttle.
I'm going to put a piece of wooden dowel under the tape as a positive stop and
do the same with the other black power pack. That will prevent derailments by
keeping it from going too fast. (My great grand daughter likes to play with the
speed control.)
*****Update 11/19/2016 *****
I had all the trains and the trolley running to check for
clearances and power.
The bridge is in place now and I shouldn't have to remove
it again for anything.
*****Update 11/20/2016 *****
This is where it was as of this afternoon. I'm getting the
lower houses situated before I put in the skating pond.
Finally got everything wired up about 10 pm tonight. All
that's left is placing the inanimate stuff around like trees,
people and animals.
Looking at it from a lower perspective.
*****Update 11/22/2016 *****
Got 'er done.
I had to put the fence up. Great grand daughter Dori was
over yesterday and she was sticking her hand through the
fence and grabbing trees. It's good that's all she could reach.