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Cass West Virginia
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This page started on
Shay #5
We visited the railroad on 9/13 and 9/14 2003 and rode the train
(pushed and pulled by Shay #5) on 9/14  to Whittaker Station and back.
Clicking on the links below will take you to
the official Cass Scenic Railroad site.
Cass Scenic Railroad
PO Box 107
Cass WV 24927
(304) 456-4300
1-800-CALL WVA
email -
My pictures are below.
Anticipating the arrival of something steaming.
I was unknowingly looking the wrong way.
We had just arrived and
I didn't know from whence the train came.
As I looked the other way, I saw the water tower and realized that
the train must come from that direction.

Here she comes.
Checking out some of the equipment -
caboose, log cars, and crane
Memories of Shays gone by.
Maybe a Shay to be again.
Shay #5 - built in 1905
Our motive power for the trip to Whittaker Station. 
The rear view of #5.
The workshop in #5
Make sure she's oiled up for the upcoming run.
Checking it all out. 
They'll be pounding away shortly.
Almost ready.
Linda's getting impatient.
One last look at Cass Store and Station
before we depart.
Fireman up!
Here we go.
As we leave Cass Station and approach  the engine service area and yard, we come upon two more Shays warming up.
We're under way now as we pass
another Shay warming up.
We're moving on out of the yard
Passing future projects along the way?
And way we go. 
I'm ready for the ride up
the side of the mountain .
Just a good closeup as
we make our way up the hill.
I moved around on both sides of the car.
Looking backward.
Just blowing off steam.
Here we are at the first switchback.
Headed up to
the second switchback. 
The second switchback.
The view just before Whittaker Station.
Another view just below Whittaker Station..
The spurs at Whittaker Station. 
The sawmill and logging cars.
Looking down toward #5.
Crew cars
Headed back down the mountain.
Linda is amused by me wondering all around the car taking pictures throughout the trip.
We have to wait at the switchback while the other Shay and cars, on the way to Bald Knob, enter first. Then we pull in behind her train, throw the switch, and continue down the mountain
Another shot of the Bald Knob bound Shay.
The ride is almost over as we come back through the yard.
Before we can head back to the station we take on water.
A big old drink and back to the station.
Below are postcards I got at the
Cass Scenic Railroad State Park store.
These two are produced by
Blair Outdoor Studios - Shady Spring WV
This one is produced by
David Crown Ent. - Charleston WV
This one is produced by
Paige Creations - Morgantown WV
These four are produced by Mitchell Cards from Michigan
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