*****This was a group of guys in the club in Okinawa
on 3/15/70. They were all going home too.
I didn't know them, but they saw us taking pictures
and wanted a picture.  One guy gave me his name and
address to send him the picture.  Once I finally got the
pics developed, I had lost his name.
If anyone knows anyone in this picture, please let them
or me know.  I'll send them the picture.*****
Give me liberty or give me death!
Don't leave base without it.
They're not required anymore, but back
then we couldn't get off base for liberty
without our liberty cards.
Various Pictures of Stuff From
My Marine Days
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"Men will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon."
- Napoleon Bonaparte before the Battle of Waterloo -

From left to right, starting at the bottom:
Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with palm & frame
Vietnamese Civil Actions with palm & frame
Vietnam Service
Meritorious Unit Citation (the star denotes a second award)
National Defense (commonly called "the firewatch ribbon")
Vietnam Campaign (stars denote successive awards)
Navy Achievement with Combat "V"
Combat Action

I have the documentation to back these up.
Contrary to what you see in the movies or on wannabe expert riflemen, not everyone shoots
expert when they qualify.  Out of about 80 Marines in our platoon, maybe 10 or 12 shot
expert, 20 to 25 shot sharpshooter, and the rest of us shot marksman.
I qualified as a marksman in boot camp with an M-14.  After I got back from 'Nam, I
qualified as a sharpshooter with an M-16.  I had a lot of .45 time on the range and in
Vietnam, but never did get to qualify with it because I got out.
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