Sonny Pryor
Larry R. "Sonny" Pryor
2/69 - St. Louis
KIA 2/12/70
On The Wall - Panel 13W  Row 003
Sonny and I were homeys.  We used to sit and talk for hours
about St. Louis.  We had been to some of the same parties.  
We knew some of the same people.
Before 'Nam, Sonny had been a country and western singer
and had a band called the Country Aces.  While he was in
'Nam, he always managed to find a guitar and play and sing for
us while we were in the rear.
One of his favorites was one he wrote called "The Lonely
Rebel".  He played it often. The last line of the song goes "He
traveled down a dusty road, but he never made it home."
On February 12, 1970, Sonny was squad leader of "1 Charlie"
and he took a patrol out.
Sonny got wounded by an explosive device.  The other guys
were carrying him to the medevac chopper, when another
explosive device went off, killing Sonny and 2 more guys.  
This is what I heard on the company radio as it was happening,
because I wasn't out there.
Sonny had about two weeks left in Vietnam before he was due
to rotate home.
L to R:  Bobbitt Schwintz, Mark Lilienthal,
Johnny Wilson, Charles Mason, T.J. Kirk
2/70 - Liberty Bridge on the north side.
KIA  2/12/70
On The Wall - Panel 13W  Row 003
We called him "Butterbrain".  He was just a hippy from the
State of Washington.  He didn't really want to be there, but
he figured that as long as he was, he'd make the most of
it.  He used to refer to his parents as "the fossils".
He was one of the guys that got killed on the the patrol
with Sonny.  When the radio call came in to the company,
Bobbitt was first classified as MIA because they couldn't
find him.  Then, a few minutes later, the call came in that
he was found in the bushes where the explosion had
blown him
Sonny's Grave
February 12, 1992 - Boss, MO.
Sonny out in the bush
This was probably taken in late '69
or early '70
My Hotel Brothers Memorial
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Donald R. McIntosh
On The Wall - Panel 13W Row 004
Doc was one of our Navy corpsmen.  He was a small guy and I
often wondered how he able to hump so much medical gear as
well as his own personal gear.  But, he was always there when
we needed him.
He always used to talk about his wife and kid and how he
couldn't wait to get home to them.  He was also a student of
religion.  He was always fascinated when we would come by a
buddhist temple or pagoda while out on patrol.  He would
examine whatever religious artifacts might be there and
sometimes take notes or pictures.
Doc was the corpsman on the patrol with Sonny and he was one
of the guys that died.
"Doc" McIntosh
Bobbitt's sister, Katherine Moore, would like to hear from anyone who knew Bob.
Her email address is:
Sonny's sister, Lynn Pryor, would like to
hear from anyone who knew Sonny.
See My Writings - Homey
for more about Sonny