Percill Batts
KIA   2/12/70
On The Wall - Panel 14W Row 129
Percy started his tour up north with the 3rd Marine Division.  When the 3rd Division pulled out, Percy
and others with more than a couple months remaining on their tours were sent to the 1st Division.  He
ended up with 3rd platoon.
Percy was my homey, too.  He was from St. Louis.
Percy died when he was out on patrol with one of the 3rd platoon's squads on February 12, the same
day that Sonny died.  I lost 2 homeys that day.
John Blake
KIA 3/21/70
On The Wall - Panel 12W Row 028
"Doc" Blake was another one of our Navy corpsman.  I
didn't get to know him very well because he came to our
platoon shortly before I left to come home.  He came as
"Doc" McIntosh's replacement who had gotten killed on
Feb 12, 1970.
Percy Batts
Mark A. Lilienthal
KIA 4/17/70
On The Wall - Panel 11W Row 017
Lily was the hippie from Connecticut. Beads and peace signs all
the way.  He just wanted to get his Marine Corps thing over with
and go home.  As long as he had his music, he could make it
through his tour. I remember when we almost had a fight on our
hands while we were at the north end of Liberty Bridge in
January of '70.  Lily heard Vanilla Fudge on someone's tape
player and thought someone with the mortar platoon or one of the
arty guys stole his Vanilla Fudge tape.  Turns out, they had a
Vanilla Fudge tape, too.  I think.  Lily was ready to kick butt that
Michael "Chief" Romero
KIA  3/15/70
On The Wall - Panel 12W  Row 001
"Chief" was the Indian from Arizona (the real Arizona).  Just a
quiet guy with the machine gun team.  I think he had been on
the patrol when Sonny and the guys got it. Always did the job
and seldom complained.  Seems like him and Bob Britt were real
good friends, fellow machinegunners that they were.  I didn't
find about Chief getting hit until '87 when I saw Juan Bez in
Washington DC.
Thomas G. Dickson
KIA  2/25/70
Tom was a machinegunner.  He was from Cailfornia and had the blondest hair.  He always reminded of
your typical west coast surfer type dude.  He went to sit down on an ammo box, that had been set up
over a hole, to take a crap.  The box was boobytrapped and Tom died.
A couple days later my orders came in with my date to rotate back to the U.S. in March.  The back of
the orders had a list of those from 2/5 who would be going at the same time.  Tom's name was on that
list.  He would have been on the plane with me, headed home.
Mark Lilienthal, Hank "Doc" Kleinot
3/70 - Phu Nhuans
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HM3 John Blake
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Percy out in the bush.
Tom setting up a trip flare.
Delmar Joyce Herrin Jr.
KIA   2/14/70
On The Wall - Panel 13W Row 9
He had been in mortars and was transferred to
3rd platoon  They were on a patrol in the same
area as Sonny's and he and Doc Kaufman hit
booby traps. I didn't really know him. He was
from Santa Ana California.
Wayne Eldon Kaufman
KIA   2/14/70
On The Wall - Panel 13W Row 10
Doc was a corpsman with 3rd platoon on the same patrol as Herrin and he was taken out by booby trap.
I didn't really  know him either.  He was from Peru Indiana.
Delmar on "Football Island".
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