Joseph "Dusty" Schmich, Jr.
U.S. Army
KIA 3/13/69
"Dusty" was my Cub Scout Pack Leader when I lived in St. Louis.  He was the Boy Scout's Boy Scout.  
He was devoted to scouting and his parents were very supportive and got involved in scouting as well.  I
think he went as far up as he could go in scouting.  Then the Army intervened.
In memory of
My Brothers In War.
Michael R. Sample
U.S. Army
KIA 10/20/69
Mike was a guy I went to Mehlville High School with.  He was the varsity football jock. He was
definitely built like a football player.  I think he graduated in '66 and I graduated in '67.  We were in a
couple classes together.  Gym class and Spanish I think.  I heard he got killed in some type of
accident in Vietnam.
KIA 7/24/69
Gary was in the same ITR, BITs, and Staging, too.  Gary was from Decatur IL.  He was at the Mart
Building (Induction/Enlistment Center) in St. Louis at the same time I was.  When we were issued our
service numbers, his was 2527670 and mine was 2527671.  He left for boot camp a day or two before
I did so we weren't in the same platoon in boot camp.  We met again in ITR.  I guess the last time I
saw him was at 11th Motors in Danang where we all spent the night before going to our regiments the
next day.  I think Gary went to the 1st or 7th Marines.
Charles R. "Chuck" Poe
KIA 8/10/69
Chuck was another one that I went to ITR,
BITs and Staging with.  Chuck was from Las
Vegas and he had relatives in Los Angeles.  
When we got liberty on weekends, Chuck's
wife would come down and pick him up and
take him to L.A.  Our friend, Steve Tabb, had
an aunt that lived in L.A., so when Chuck's
wife would pick him (Chuck) up, she would
give us a ride to Steve's aunt's house.  Chuck
went up north to Quang Tri Province with the
3rd Marine Division.  I heard his perimeter got
hit one night and a chicom grenade landed in
Chuck's hole.
Jimmy R. Young
U.S. Army
KIA 7/8/68
When I was in my early teens, my grandparents had a farm in Fredericktown, MO.  On their farm they
had two houses, one of which they rented out.  Jimmie's family rented the other house.  When I would
go to my grandparents to spend a few weeks during the summers, Jimmy and I would play together.
KIA 6/8/69
I went through Infantry Training Regiment (ITR), Basic Infantry Training School (BITS) - Machine
Guns, and Staging (pre-Vietnam departure training) with Dave.  I guess last time I saw him was when
we landed at An Hoa Combat Base and he went to his company and I to mine.  I heard he got cut in
half by a 50 caliber machine gun in Arizona.
Bruce E. Ingman
KIA 7/14/69
Bruce was also one of the guys from ITR, BITS and Staging.  I didn't really know him that well, but
those of us who went through all this training together, still had a bond.  I heard about his death from
one of the other guys who were part of our ITR-BITs-Staging group.  I think it was Thorton or Sirmon.  
I think Ingman was with the 1st or 7th Marines.
Me & Chuck Poe
4/69 - Okinawa - "Goin' to 'Nam"
The above items were taken from the Mehlville High School yearbook, the "Reflector".
In the Reflector, there are two pages that have "The Last Will and Testament".  These are generally
humorous one liners written by graduating Seniors.
Mike's is above.  It reads:
"I, Mike Sample, being of overstuffed body and twisted mind, will my game number, 72, to be placed in
the trophy case in my memory."
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