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It was just a basic over and under loop.
The grandkids wanted it to go "up up up" and they wanted tunnels.
2 sheets of 2" pink styrofoam glued together and set on milk cartons made the base. 4% Woodland Scenics risers were used for the grade.
Cardboard, styrofoam, spray foam insulation,  and plaster soaked towels made the tunnels and hills. Then I painted it with white latex paint and dry brushed the EZ Track with the same paint. The track was glued by putting a little white glue every few feet on the base of the track..
The tree is on a separate plywood base that I remove after Christmas.
I put strings of blue Christmas lights on the two walls in the corner.
Then I bought a long piece of sky blue linen like material and hung it over the lights. I painted mountains on the material with spray snow.
It looked really neat at night with just the blue lights on.
The animated pieces in the front are from Fingerhut and set on white felt on boxes.
The buildings from K Mart.
The train above consists of:
Lifelike Old Time Teakettle 0-4-0 steam engine
Bachmann UP flat car with Santa and reindeer.
Bachmann CP flat car with Christmas tree
Bachmann UP gondola with presents
Bachmann bobber caboose
My layout in progress
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