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A few changes to my 2002 layout.
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Setting up for Christmas
The first version of my Christmas train. I added a couple of cars later on.
l to r - Bachmann Old Time  water car with little toys, IHC OT flat with trees, Bachmann OT gondola with wrapped presents, Bachmann OT flat with Santa and reindeer, and Mantua 4-6-0 (Old #3)
If one Christmas tree is good then two must be better.
The Fingerhut  and porcelin village and
Bachmann's On30 reversing trolley.
The Christmas with more cars being pulled by my Bachmann 4-4-0.
The layout, the Nativity, and the village.
On the upper level, pulled by "Old #3", with a Bachmann CP passenger car
A close up.
Passing through town.
The village again
The Christmas end of the living room.
The stockings were stapled to the wall with care.
In hopes that St. Nicholaus would look over there.
On the upper level again.
The track in the back is under construction.
What's a Christmas train without a Bachmann Budweiser beer car and Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago passengers to drink it.
The car is a KC SL & C shell on a Bachmann OT passenger frame.
The train and the trolley.
3/1/2004 - Now that Christmas is over, I've been doing more expansion. You can track my progress on my "Layout In Progress" pages.
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