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Different locomotive from my  2003 train and a few layout alterations. I covered the layout with white "snow".
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Christmas 2004
I'm going to ride the rails on a Christmas train...
Here comes Santa Claus...
The presents were piled against the wall so high...
The Christmas train rounds the bend.
The Fingerhut and porcelin village,
the Nativity and
Bachmann's On30 reversing trolley.
The layout...
And the village...
A pair of long shots.
The village and the layout.
The nightime is the right time...
Hang on tight Santa... We're coming to town...
The elves lead the way...
The trolley passes Disney Station. The Northern deliveries have arrived.
I hear the train a'comin'...
"The train" consists of -
Old time combine body and an MDC Shay fuel bunker mounted on a Bachmann F Unit chassis. On the front is an old time box headlight, smoke stack, and pilot (cow catcher).
The "elves" are HO people painted green.
Bachmann old time flat car with Santa.
Bachmann old time water car with toys.
Bachmann old time gondola  with presents. IHC old time flat car  with trees.
Bachmann old time gondola  with pine cones. Bachmann old time Anheuser-Busch beer car  with a feller guarding the kegs.
Kansas City St. Louis and Chicago old time passenger car with the conductor trying to get the attention of the feller guarding the kegs.
It's getting kind of thirsty back here!
The difference between day and night.
A couple of layout shots.
Come on. Just slide down. You can do it.
We have to keep on schedule. Those kids are expecting us.
Don't worry.  We'll make it.
While the town sleeps...
...Santa makes his rounds.
Until next Christmas -
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
3/1/2004 - Now that Christmas is over, I've been doing more expansion. You can track my progress on my "Layout In Progress" pages.
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